I received a urethra swab test it was not pleasant at all?

I am a 21 year old male. I received a urethra swab test suddenly by the doctor who i went to see today in an effort detect stds and it was not pleasant at all. It has been 8 hours since then and now I am having slight burning sensation in my penis and am undergoing mental turmoil since the procedure. I have been lying down in an awkward position for 6 hours. Are my fears exaggerated? Will it heal? I appreciate your help i am in a lot of mental and emotional distress and have no one to talk to. Thank you

Side note: I have anxiety disorder for which i was under antidepressant treatment (seroxat/paxil) which i have recently discontinued through tapering measures. Also, this might not be too relevant of my biggest phobia for many years (medical tampering of urethra)


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