I had accident, whiplash, pain in shoulder and collar bone?

Hi. I am a 28 year old female and was involved in a car accent 10 months ago where a drive ran into the back of me and have occurred whiplash injures from this accident..

the injuries are still ongoing and have put in an injury claim. 10 months on, I am still experiencing slight tenderness in my right shoulder and collar bone. 3 weeks ago i notice the top of my right shoulder was swollen, it has calmed down now although as we speak I am still in slight pain at my collar bone, i m not sure if this is serious as i have went back to my gp who advised just to take ibuprofen and continue with shoulder exercises.

should i be worrying about my collar bone as i googled this and could be broken? but i have not had any type of xray at all for my injuries.

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