I have pimples that look like tiny worms, tried ivermectin?

Help me please! I pulled this out of my face. It looked like a pimple. I have other pimples that now look like tiny worms in my face, arms, and legs. I expelled one 2 inches long in my in my stool. It was flat with dark then light square pattern. I have tried ivermectin in desperation. But I don’t know if that’s what I should be taking and how long to take it. They came out my eyes too, looked like little hairs and larvae. I had slight edema in my ankle and sometimes feel stickyness on my skin. I keep getting things inside me. I was cleaning a dirty stove today and a red dot attatched to my leg, that turned into a worm after I tried to scrape it off. It then had little ones spread around it. I’m really scared. Please help me!
Age: 39
Medications: None, but tried ivermectin


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