My knee will occasionally catch, at which time a minor adjustment with my hand kind of unlocks the knee?

I am a 40 year old male. I am healthy and active and on no medications. I have been having right knee issues that come and go. The knee will occasionally catch, at which time a minor adjustment with my hand kind of unlocks the knee for free movement again, but this seems to cause some pain, swelling, and stiffness for the few days that follow the catching. The pain is pretty mild. I do jog and lift weights fairly often, but have not been putting the knee through too much stress. I am attaching an mri report that I had done a few days ago and will have to wait some time before seeing an ortho. I am at work full duty (police officer), but had the mri due to twisting my knee slightly at work recently, that again caused some tightness and swelling. Currently the swelling is down and it feels pretty good, but there is quite often kind of a bone on bone sensation when I walk. Looking for advice but most importantly, does this look like a report that will lead a dr to suggest surgery or are there less invasive ways to deal with this? Thank you.


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Dr. Javez Ernesto

A bone fragment is moving around, which is the cause of the occasional blockage and friction.
Pressure with your hand “unlocks” the fragment. I would go with physiotherapy first, and go with surgery later if needed.

Ayman Darrag
10:49 pm

Hi And welcome to
This type of fractures would heal on its own with keeping low effort over it…start with hot packs and physiotherapy..

Nouran Maamdouh
2:03 pm

You need to decrease the loading over your knee.
Wearing a knee support helps and static straight leg raising exercises are important.
I do not think this is going to lead you for a surgery in this case.

Ahmed Fawzy
11:47 am

To be safe wear a knee brace
Also lean forward while walking
Later on physical theraby should include streching hamestring and back of your knee
Also strenthen your quadriceps especialy at the last 5 degree of knee extention