Ultrasound shows Hemorrhagic ovarian cyst (HOC), but also suffer from pelvic pain?

Over the past year I suffer from intermittent pelvic pain. I had a ultrasound quite some time ago that showed I have hemorrhagic cysts located on my ovaries. i have had these cysts throughout my adult life so that doesn’t worry me but the pelvic pain does. Please tell me what can be causing this pain I experience.

Age: 31
Medications : None

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10:11 am

There can be many causes. PCOS, Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, uti or slipped disc can be causing the pain. Get an MRI done. But you should first have your ovaries rechecked. Ovarian cysts may have evolved and can be causing the pain.

Dr.Honey Arora
10:29 am

Ovarian cysts can cause severe pain..
So in case if you have been having cysts through out life then the first thing that needs to be checked is the ovaries..
Get a pelvic ultrasound done..

Hope this helps..


Arti Sharma
12:03 pm

HI.You need to rule out kidney stones,hip joint problem and PCOD.What is the size of these cysts?See a gynecologist and get complete evaluation done.Take care and write back with more information on your condition.

Haleema Yezdani

Hello haemorrhagic ovarian cyst is a medical emergency .Please get to a medical emergency as soon as possible .You need to be assesed physically and if need blood transfusion would need to be given .