Question: Unborn child has hole in heart, will she survive, will she have a normal life

My wife is pregnant about 20 weeks 6 days she have done several scans and they realize the unborn child is having a small hole in heart.Please I want to find out if the baby is born and the surgery is perform on her will she have any physical challengers and also will she be able to live normal as every women being.What are the chances of her living right just like any one else.Thank you

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7:27 am

i have seen many patients who live a normal lifespan inspite of an untreated hole in the heart.
but the results depend on what kind of hole it is and what is the diameter of the hole.
there are many recent advances now and all such holes can be treated with minor non invasive surgeries.
i would suggest you to consult a cardiologist with the scan report and ask him regarding the prognosis of the babys life in detail.