Question: Am I pregnant …. no period

hi im 31 years old i not sure if im pregnant i took urine test thats came negative a couple took are from dollar store 1 i took today was a u check from the dollar store and on august the 8 took a clear blue test digtial came negative on 10th took another clear blue negative still havent got my period my period doesnt come regular so not sure but in july period was july 8 and last period was August 5 to august 11 was i even ovualting? back to this part ok had sex august 14 start spotting august 19 a bit pink more red light with a bit brown 1 time i wipe was a chuck of red blood but just one time not even sure if i was ovulating still no period and its september 14 today again period is not regular

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Ayman Darrag
3:37 pm

It is likely a normal disturbance of the period until now,u have to wait for the period to come in a few days,if not within 10 more days,, do a bHCG test as it is the accurate test of pregnancy ,do not rely on urine tests.they are not accurate and sometimes shows results only after a month or more of pregnancy.
If you wish to have a baby or becoming pregnant i wish you get what you are hoping ASAP God’s willing

11:05 am

i dont think this is pregnancy. its a hormonal disturbance issue and you will get your periods soon.
the date when you had sex was not during your most fertile period, so very less chances of pregnancy.
get the test repeated after a week.