Question: I am a competitive gymnast with Osgood Sclatters Disease – it’s spreading

I am having extreme knee pain. A few weeks ago I knew I had Osgood Sclatters, but now it is wide spread pain all over my knee, and my knee is now locking out. I am a competitive gymnast, and also have had problems with fatigue and loss of appetite What does this sound like?

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Ayman Darrag
3:32 am

that looks like a separate issue, May be there is no relation between your knee pain and your loss of appetite and fatigue…
if your knee is locking out .. you should see an orthopedist to exclude a torn/injured meniscus.
otherwise you can make some laboratory investigations as CBC and ESR to rule out other pathology if found.
do your knees become hot?
is it one or both knees?
what aggravates the pain?

5:55 am

osgood schlatters usually occurs in people having deficiency of calcium and specifically more of vitamin D. you are a gymnast, so comparatively you are giving more stress on your bones compared to normal people. fatigue is also due to the same reason.

you should start on clcium and vitamin D supplements.
take rest for 10-15 days till the knee inflammation and pain goes away. take analgesics and anti inflammatory tablets, lice packs, knee cap.
avoid squatting.