Question: Shooting pains in my back, side, bottom – doctors say they don’t know

Hello , I’ve been getting these pains for a while now they are very consistent and they’re shooting pains in my back at the bottom which then needs to shooting pain sensations then I get pains in the side where my back is killing and my whole left side just gets in so much pain I’ve been to the doctors and they couldn’t diagnose me with anything they’ve never heard of it ?

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Ayman Darrag
3:24 am

there are a lot of possibilities,but you have to be more specific
where exactly is the pain?
what increase the pain and what relieves it?
is there numbness in your Lower limb?which one?
Upper limb??
that may be a kind of Lumbago or simply some disc lesions in your middle or lower back which can be confirmed with MRI and Xrays…

Please reply with the answers…

5:56 am

hi.. such low back aches are caused by many reasons.. In your case,there are 3 possibilities- POSSIBILITY 1. SOFT TISSUE INFLAMMATION- there may be no bony involvement,only the soft tissues around the region might be inflammed that may be causing the pain POSSIBILITY 2. NEUROPATHY- there may be a partial or complete inflammation of the nerves in that region that may be the root cause of such kind of pain. POSSIBILITY 3. DISC PROLAPSE-there may be a compressed a nerve in the spine somewhere that might be causing radiating pain in those regions.Possibility of a disc prolapse should be kept… Read more »