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Here are some samples of  health questions we receive on a daily basis…
Please note: All sensitive information has been removed so as to maintain 100% Confidentiality.

Question: Hi Good Day! I want to ask if what is the meaning of my xray result – Impression apico pleural thickening,bilateral consider thoraci dextroscoliosis or maybe due to positional,suggest clinical correlation

Question: Vagina is burning to wipe after urinating and also get a tiny thing hanging in the inner of my vagina. I’m very scared and need your help please? What is going on with my vagina? It burns and see a weird thing hanging and don’t know what it is.

Question: I had a ringworm and i use over the counter anti fungal cream over it. The ring has gone for likes weeks but the place still hold a smooth spot that doesn’t itches, grow or do any discomfort. So now my question is does my ringworm totally cured or it still has?

Question: Had my hiv test done after after 5months of possible exposure it was – so was my partner,fell pregnant a month later,went for prenatal classes on my 7th month it was+.I was given ART I didn’t take it, I had my son 7weeks ago he’s- but I still tested +,Read that pregnancy can cause false+,HIV specialist confirmed it that it can happen. Should I be worried?

Question: If a person is schizophrenic and drunk at the same time she or he experiences delusions can a psychiatrist tell if the psychiatric disorder or the alcohol is causing the person to be delusional?

Question: My pupils have started to be two different sizes on and off, my vision is fine but I get frequent headaches and I am constantly tired. I am a very active individual with a very fit lifestyle. Should I see my doctor about getting a brain scan?

Question: Hiii.. my name is (…) and i m (…) years old…few days ago i found a itchy round shape ringworm on my scalp… it was small in size… And so itchy… after some days it becomes bigger in size… and also causes hairloss… i see that there are less hair on the affected scalp… i m in a big trouble… i seems like i will becomes totally blend after some days… please help me doctor…

Question: I am male of (…) yrs suffering from Cystic Fibrosis living in (…) and receiving IV antibiotics every month… from the past 4 years i have had 7 times p hnemothrax with both sides lungs.. recently my ige level is hish and my doc pulmonologist is identified this as ABPA and told me to take steriods tabs that is prednisolone regular as a treatment.. but i haven’t started bcos i am scared to take steriods as i feel i might get into phnemothrax in my lung.. and the doc is saying you have to try. So as a opinion from doc i want to know if prednisolone or steriods will cause phnemothrax as i am a secondary case with can reoccur any time

Question:my mother`s age is (…) years i think she is suffering from varicose vein. she is having a lot of pain in her both legs. last year she saw some blue marks on her legs. please tell me some treatment for it

Question: My wife got her periods on (…) and on (…) we had unprotected sex followed by an ipill (emergency Contraceptive pill) which she had in 4 hours after the act. On 7th august we had protected sex 3 times with new condoms for each act and after each act she washed herself with water.13th Aug she had bleeding like her periods but less flow(60% bleeding, considering 100%bleeding during her normal periods), no pain, with very few clots(1-3 clots instead of 8-9) and it was there for 3 days almost(on and off). Her periods were due on 25th Aug (she has irregular periods sometimes).We did a home pregnancy test that week with negative result and did the second pregnancy test on 5th Sept again with negative result. We also did UPT in Lab with negative result on 14th Sept. She has no symptoms of pregnancy.
On 17th she felt cramps and abdominal pain followed by thick white discharge. Is it sign of pregnancy? or is it sign of period coming? Is she pregnant? PS: we dint had any intercourse after that.

Question: I have got painful Cystitis, what can I do as I am on holiday

Question: Hi! I’m (…), and I’m (…) years old.
Ever since I was little, my legs would have this weird brownish discoloration, especially on my left leg. My left leg is also visibly darker than my right leg. I have this weird sensitivity to water. Whenever I come in contact with water (i.e. showering) or when I sweat, my legs turn red.I want to know the cause and how I can stop this. I tried to explain to my doctor about this, but she just told me it was normal discoloration. But it’s not.
I have attached a picture of my legs after having taken a shower.

Question: I accident took my 30 mg adderall twice and now my heart is beating faster than normal am I going to be ok

Question: Back pain got Xray showed scoliosis moderate curve to the right in thoracic and lumbar spine and kyphosis, CT scan shows three slipped discs in lumbar spine and twisting of the spine. Not only back pain but neck pain too sometimes get intense headache which don’t go away with pain killers or sleep, fainting, dizziness, constant fatigue, cracking noise, numbness of head region and numbness of right side if head turned to left. Can I please ask what is wrong and what treatments there are?

Question: I wore deodorant free from aluminium and free from paraben during mammography. Will this interfere with images?

Question: What are the symptoms of urinary incontinence for wetting regular underwear while asleep.

Question: Hello, I have had quite a large bruise on my left shoulder for about 4 years. It is about the size of two hands together, maybe more. It has constantly been visible on my shoulder ever since my sister noticed it about 4 years ago. It doesn’t cause any discomfort which is why I have never been to my GP about it. Sometimes is isn’t very visible, but most of the time it is pretty purple like a normal bruise. But I would just like to put my mind at ease about it as it doesn’t seem normal to have a bruise of that size constantly on my skin.. I know it’s not a birth mark or anything like that.

Question: I am a (…) and currently working in a (…) I am also a (…), a vocation I undertake on weekends. For the past three years I have noted a pattern that has worsened this year. I am experiencing moments of fatigue which has become chronic. The past two years I was doing my part-time (…) studies (online) in addition to my generally busy work schedule. Realizing that I could not keep up, I put my studies on hold this year, added exercise as part of my daily schedule but there has not been improvement on my fatigue case. I have seen the doctor a couple of times when it got serious this year. Two months ago I was grounded by what was diagnosed as flu for two weeks, which was coupled with insomnia. I was treated and came back to work, but soon the fatigue came to play. Last month I took a week-long leave to rest and the following week we went on a staff vacation(…)and my hope was that I will get back to normal which has not been the case. The biggest challenge is that my concentration level has dropped drastically hence my work performance such that my boss has given me an ultimatum to shape up or ship out. What would be your assessment and advice in this situation?

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