Bad pain in my left ear, loss of appetite, feeling bloated?

Hello. I have been unwell for about 4 days. Bad pain in my left ear, my left top wisdom tooth is through and c ausing pain jaw stiffness hurts to open my mouth, nausea s, vomiting yesterday loss of appetite, feeling bloated, headache/pain up through left temple, no energy feeling tired constantly. Single mum to 5 year old so i need to get better. I dont have the money to get to other side of town to see my gp or to hospital. Any help would be much appreciated. I am asthmatic, and on microgynon 50mg contraceptive. And may have lowcase of thrombocytopenia. (My platlets).

Age:30 years old
Medications: microgynon 50mg, panadol (which does not help) and was on Tranexamic acid tablets (which i had to take for 4 days).

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Ahmed Fawzy
12:40 pm

Take Augmentin 500 every 8 hours and ibuprofen 400 , this is temporary, you must go to a dentist, remove the tooth to minimize cost
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
8:39 am

My opinion is you should get the tooth removed
But for now get a strong antibiotic (penicllin +clavulonic acid )1gm every 12 hours and flagil 500 mg every 8 hours .

Dr.Honey Arora
9:36 am

First of all get the wisdom tooth removed.
A course of antibiotics should be advised along with pain relievers but not NSAID’s as they can worsen Asthma symptoms.
So it is better to avoid Ibuprofen or other NSAID’s.