Bad pain in my left ear, loss of appetite, feeling bloated?

Hello. I have been unwell for about 4 days. Bad pain in my left ear, my left top wisdom tooth is through and c ausing pain jaw stiffness hurts to open my mouth, nausea s, vomiting yesterday loss of appetite, feeling bloated, headache/pain up through left temple, no energy feeling tired constantly. Single mum to 5 year old so i need to get better. I dont have the money to get to other side of town to see my gp or to hospital. Any help would be much appreciated. I am asthmatic, and on microgynon 50mg contraceptive. And may have lowcase of thrombocytopenia. (My platlets).

Age:30 years old
Medications: microgynon 50mg, panadol (which does not help) and was on Tranexamic acid tablets (which i had to take for 4 days).

Since late last year, l have been complaining about my loss of appetite and consequently loss of weight?

I am a 43 year old Nigerian lady.l saw my menstruation on the 5th of this month February and now l saw it again yesterday being 19th February, meaning a 14days cycle which is quite absurd and unusual though no pain, flow is normal and reddish, no smell, just stupidly normal.

Since late last year, l have been complaining about my loss of appetite and consequently loss of weight. l used to weigh 105kg(not healthy l know) but now l have stayed on 95 since Dec. I do not have any accompanying sickness or illness except occasional itching in my private part which goes off after medication though my clitoris retain a pepperish pain(not unbearable though) but l just notice it all the same. Apart from that no other complain until this 14 days cycle stuff.

Last week Thursday, l bought a multi vitamin syrup to aid my appetite and so dont know if it has any thing to do with it(Protobex syrup)predigested protein fortified with vitamins, iron and zinc. I have a history of asthma and high blood pressure.l am daily on franol tablet and ventolin inhaler. What could be wrong please?

I have constant pain in my abdomen, my appetite has gone?

For past 3 weeks ive had constant pain in my abdomen, my appetite has gone, i constantly have diaharea,nausea and dont feel like moving. I have spend the past 3 days on the couch feeling ill. I came on my period as normal but very heavily for 4 days then it was light spotting for nearly 2 weeks on and off. Can you tell me what can be causing this?

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