Question: Caregiver..needs pain to stop to keep her job

Hi, I work as a caregiver for years. I lift them with assistance of other caregiver when they fall. But for the last 4months my right shoulder been hurting when i extend it certain ways. Its difficult to lift arm above half way or extend backwards. It started on my right shoulder blade and crawled down later to just above my elbow. Just a couple weeks ago,my left shoulder started to hurt too,but not as bad as my right one. My joints on tows and fingers are stiff but not too bad yet. My left middle finger sometimes hurts when bending. I don’t know if it started because I’ve been gaining weight within the year or because I’ve been using my right side of mouth for about the same time my shoulder began to hurt after few dental appointments. My period been changing the last couple times and i take ibuprofen;it’s been less,but usually super heavy. I have had dandruff that comes and goes for seems to be monthly or so. That started about 3years ago after taking antibiotic due to UTI. It made me weak and tired also. A few times the dandruff crawled down from scalp all the way to sides of my mouth. My doctor prescribed me with a lotion for scalp and cream for face which help but it won’t cure the root of whatever causing it. I had a blood test and mostly turns out ok except i have prediapedic and needs to take iron pills. I can’t really take iron pills coz it gives me bad diarrhea lots of times at home and at work too. I know it sounds confusing, I’m confused and hurt too.
So here’s a short history of my health issue. Before my UTI, i never was sick. My only problem was extreme heavy period. I am now 36years old test needs help figuring out a way out of pain. I need the pain to go away coz i need my job. Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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6:57 am

i have understood your history and see that all the history u mentioned has nothing to do with the shoulder pain that you have right now.

the pain is due to inflammation of shoulder tendons/muscles that are used to lift something. u seemed to have strained your shoulder during lifting them.
take analgesics, anti inflammatory tablets , local gel and hot fomentation will help.
get an xray done if its not relieved.

Ayman Darrag
6:46 am

Hi It is bad to hear that and wish you get well soon. The most important of what you said and what is really causing you confusion is your shoulder pain and this is due to overused supraspinatus or rotator cuff tendons and inflammation of the capsule.mentioning you are prediabetic…this will raise the possibilities of capsulitis.. Well the best to do now is trying to decrease the load over your left shoulder to prevent it from getting involved also.. Start making cold application with ice packs on your front shoulder..that will help much for a few days then start hot… Read more »