Question: Cigarette burns – won’t go away.

Hi doctor, I have cigarette burn on my chest 6 months ago. I haven’t checked it to doctor. I used savlon to clean the wound/burnt area to take off residues & also when blister is broken/rupture or when i see black color(residues i think) on the wound. Its healed now But i got a protusion/lump on the burnt area when its getting healed and Now its probably 2mm . How i can make it best normal & same as my skin color. What treatments are available? How long will it take?

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10:10 am

its a skin reaction to the cigarette burn. usually its not so much, its just a mild rash like thing, but it seems more severe in your case.
local creams, tablets, laser treatment, surgery are the options available.
a dermatologist will be able to help you depending on the treatment modalities he has.
non operative newer treatments like laser have better results