Condom broke, what are the chances that she is pregnant?

Hi, me and a girl I’ve know for some tine had sex 3 times from April 25th at about 11″45PM to 2:00AM on the 26th. I had previously ejaculated around 2PM on the 25th and before we had intercourse, I urinated 3 times and had 2 showers leading up to it because I read that semen can be found in preejaculate (precum) if the man has not urinated. The first time we had sex, I used a condom and never ejaculated but there was precum. The second time, a new condom and same thing. She climaxed a couple times but I did not. We went a third time, and the condom broke. It took me 7-10 seconds to notice and I pulled out immediately. I did not fully ejaculate but there was precum. I then put on a new condom and finished up. She said that her last period was April 2, and claims that she is on a 28 day menstruation cycle but I dont think she actually knows her days. She says her breasts were already feeling tender and that she should going on her period this week. What are the chances that she is pregnant based on the potential time of ovulation, urinating before sex, and switching the condom swiftly. Im really freaking out. Anything would help.

Age: 23
Medications: None

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Dr. Deepak Patel

Hello. Unless you fully ejaculated I don’t think that you need to be worried. Pre-ejaculate contains virtually no live sperm and is not effective to cause pregnancy. When wearing a condom, even though it was torn, the actually quantity of pre-ejaculate which may have come in contact with the vagina would probably be negligible. As far as the period / ovulation, if the dates are not precise and exact it is hard to draw a conclusion. Regards

Dr.Honey Arora
5:31 am

Hi. Thanks for the query.. If she really had her period on 2 april and is on 28 days cycle then the time you had sex does not fall under her ovulation time. Another thing if there was just precum then only chances of pregnancy are rare to nil. So in either case I do not think she has chances of getting pregnant. So my suggestion is to relax and let her period come. If at all it delays more than a week you should get a Urine pregnancy test done. However I do not think she is going to… Read more »

9:12 am

My girl and I had sex last June 1 around 11pm and her last period was on May 19. I’ve noticed that the condom broke. However, before we noticed that i already ejaculated and not sure if its inside her before I pull it out. Normally im pulling it out before i ejaculated. But im that sure if something got out inside her before i pulled it out. Just in case that i did, is there a chance that she can get pregnant? And what are na chances? Thank you.