I have a three inch cut on my fore leg?

I have a three inch cut on my fore leg which is infected it started off small blister and got bigger and then birst. What is it and what should i use on it. is it a diabetic so should see a doctor. Image attached Note it is not for the faint hearted Thanks (—)

Age: 46
Medications: None

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
10:36 am

Yes you will need to consult. This requires proper wound care. Debridement and Dressing. Antibiotics may be required for infection. As a diabetic wounds are more difficult to heal and need to be followed more attentively.

Dr.Honey Arora
11:34 am

It needs immediate attention, as it looks like a spreading due to Diabetes.

You should consult a General Surgeon and get evaluated.

A proper debridement and dressing followed by antibiotics will help in healing fast.

But do not delay as it can spread and also deepen.

Hope this helps..