Question: Cyst in neural foramen -consulted neurologist, general physician, gastroenterologist & orthopedic doctors – no solution?

Sir, I have small cyst in neural foramen and mecentric lymph node of 6.5mm that I have pain in right side of the abdomen and near about the backbone.sometime small blood comes with last of the stool.sometime color of urine is yellow,feel always acidity and constipation.test done 1 year ago like:-CT SCAN,USG OF WHOLE ABDOMEN,MRI OF BACK BONE,WHOLE BLOOD TEST.result is as above mentioned I,e-cyst& & lymph node.blood test are normal.I have consulted neurologist,general physician,gastroenterologist & orthopedic doctors. But still problem is same as before. What I have to do?please advice me.thank you.

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10:03 am

mesentric lymph nodes are usually caused by any kind of abdominal infections. these are usually temporary, and go away as the infection is controlled.

if u have a neural foramina cyst and it is causing you back pain, then it may be compressing on the related nerve. if thats the case, then the cyst definitely needs to be removed and the nerve should be released. the neurologist will guide you whether the cysts needs to be removed or not.

both the reports are nothing to be worried about.