Do I really need to get a shot for Yellow Fever?

Do I really need to get a shot for Yellow Fever?
I am travelling to Columbia, South America in early December. In Columbia for about 9 days. I am never at an elevation below 1,411 metres.
Part of one day at 1,411 metres
3 days at 2,640 to 3,000 metres
5 days at 2,500 to 4,500 metres
I am a male, 63 years old in excellent health. I have read the chances of getting Yellow Fever is extremely small and even smaller due to the fact I am mostly at higher elevations. I have no interest in visiting the parts of Africa or South America where Yellow Fever is present in the future.

Medications: Vesicare – (Only side effect is some dehydration). Pill reduces number of times I urinate at night.

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Ahmed Fawzy
2:32 pm

My opinion you should take the yellow fever vaccination
High elevation areas In Colombia are high risk
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
4:02 pm

To be on a safer side you should take yellow fever vaccination..


Ayman Darrag
4:17 pm

My opinion is that you will win more than you lose if you got the vaccination as a measure of safety