Question: Do my test results show I have cancer?

i have had a bunch of tests done and i would like your opinion on some thing i have cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2, i have 3 lesions cervix they are high grade squamous intraepiththelial, i have amenorrhea, abnormal cytoloy findings, i have a 12.80 neutrophil count blood,10.6 lymohocytees as percent of blood leukocytes, 83.8 neutophilas as a percent of blood leukocytes, 15.27 leukocyte count blood, 14.9 red blood cell distribution width,37.5 hematocrit blood, 3.1 albumin serum, +1 urate crystals, amorphous, semiquantative, and a 253 alkaline phosphate serum I am worried about cancer and was wondering if these are the factors for it or if i may already have it

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6:37 am

abnormal cytology findings and intra epithelial neoplasia grade 2 .. are findings of early stages of malignancy and indicate cervical cancer.

you should get a further evaluation done to find out whether it has spread in the pelvis or in the body.

it seems to be in a early stage and curable.
consult a oncologist and get immediate treatment.