Question: Had intercourse with both genders, will I transmit herpes to my kids?

I am a man who had several sexual intercourses with several persons of both gender. I’ve recently been tested and I’m don’t have HIV, but I’ve herpes which have disappeared from my skin now.
I feel that I’m on the deadline of my sexual health and I don’t want to take any risk anymore.
I want to have kids with my wife.
My question is :
Is IVF the only solution i have & is there a possibility to transmit herpes to my children through IVF?

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6:34 am

ivf is a process in which your own sperms will be used. so even if you go for ivf, there are chances that you may transmit the disease to your baby.

if your wife is not infected, then you need to use sperms from a healthy sperm donor and then go for ivf with those sperms.

with your sperms being used, its not impossible to get a herpes free baby, but 50-50 chances of transmitiing it to your baby should also be considered.