For almost one month now I have been dealing with stomach problems?

For almost one month now I have been dealing with stomach problems. It started when I was away on holidays. My travelling companion fell ill for 2 days with a stomach bug (presumably) and felt okay. She got sick once, rested in bed and was okay soon after. I fell ill approximately 2 days after her. Symptoms of nausea, fever, light-headedness – however I did not get sick. The symptoms improved over time, but I still find that I have not completely recovered. I don’t have much of an appetite, I feel a type of bulge or tightness is my throat/oesophagus and I am unable to eat large amounts. I would describe my symptoms similar to acid reflux, but I don’t feel that burning sensation.

I went to see a doctor one week after being ill while I was still on my holidays. He diagnosed it as a stomach virus. I have a family history of gallstones and h pylori infections. I have been putting off going for a second appointment as I feel my symptoms aren’t that severe, plus I feel as though I am anxious about the whole situation and that could be making my symptoms worse than they actually are. Could you recommend what course of action I should take? Is a second appointment justified, or is it likely a lingering stomach virus? Is there a need for urgency?

Thanking you in advance,



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Dr.Honey Arora
8:59 am

Thanks for the query..

Well, yes it looks like stomach infection that can be lingering due to incomplete treatment..
If the symptoms are not completely resolved then a second appointment should be made..
You should also get investigations like stool culture, blood test and an endoscopy done for a proper confirmation if the symptoms does not resolve..

Hope this helps..

Dr.Honey Arora
9:07 am

As of now you can take small meals every 2 hours and along with it take plenty of Probiotics like Yogurt and drink plenty of water..
Prefer home cooked foods..
Drink boiled water..

Hope this helps..