Question: Had gallbladder surgery – Feel I still have it – Surgeon says encountered problems…

Had gallbladder removed 4 years ago. All tests prior to surgery showed nothing but final diagnosis was Chronic Cholecystitis.
It was adhesed to intestines and duodenum.
After surgery I seemed to do ok for a while but then the nagging rib and mid back pain started up again. Felt like I still had gallbladder.
Finally this year I got the surgeons report from surgery and noted an introperative cholangiogram was done.
It says the surgeon had difficulty getting the dye in and made 3 attempts and noted a filling defect was seen in the mid common bile duct. I was never told this. The radiology report also makes not of the filling defect.
My question is
Is it possible to have a stone stay in the duct for this long?
Is the cholangiongram considered abnormal?
Wouldn’t I be jaundiced if this was causing the pain? I read about Sphincter of Oddi and wondered if that could cause this but I don’t vomit so I’m not sure.
I also woneed if it is a bile duct injury that could cause this pain. It’s like havin a constant stich in your side and it radiates to my back and makes my back hurt and it hurts to move

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8:57 am

hi filling defect on a cholangiogram is definitely abnormal and it indicates that there was a obstruction in the path of bile duct. you should have been informed about this for sure. i dont see any reason why they must have hidden this fact from you.. at present, the obstruction or the sphincter of oddi.per se wont cause you any symptoms. i personally feel,that there might be some remnant remaining inside, or a adhesion, not removed. other possibility is any intra operative trauma to the surrounding structures will cause such pain, as this is quite common in such complicated cases.… Read more »

12:00 am

Thank you so much for the reply. I am scheduled for MRCP on Oct. 3rd.
Hoping that shows something.
Adhesion have crossed my mind and when I had the surgery the surgeon said the adhesions were quite bad in the area of the gallbladder. I actually have pictures and the adhesions look like a drape of fabric over the gallbladder.