Question: I’m on Weightwatchers- eat not a lot really – I’m sick of all this substituting what can I try?

I’m struggling with my weight at the moment and it’s really bringing me down. I always have battled with it and as a result I’m a yo-yo dieter. I currently weigh 11 stone 10 pounds ( recently gone down from 12 stone 5 pounds) but nothing seems to be shifting despite my diet. I am 21 years old and 5 ft 3 so BMI wise this is quite high. I am on weightwatchers and have been for nearly a month and progress now has stopped. I have to live daily on not a lot really and if I have a chocolate craving I have to eat a Yorkie bar in place of a meal which to me just isn’t fair. I’m sick of all this substituting and dieting and was wondering if there’s anything else I can try. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not very active but I have personal reasons for that.

I appreciate your help.

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Ayman Darrag
7:46 am

first of all it is great job from you trying that and doing that effort 🙂 second: you should know that body may refuse to reduce weight for many reasons,,, 1-if you are going on a strict low calorie diet for long period. 2-If you are not drinking plenty of water. 3-if you are not snacking 4-if you have a hormonal disorder specially in the levels of thyroid hormones. 5 if your Muscle mass is not increasing so your metabolism is not increasing.. so what you have to keep doing is 1-try changing your diet and eat snacks every 2-3… Read more »

9:02 am

i understand your craving for the things you like and is quite natural to have so.

but, if you really need to eat your favourite dishes, then you can lose these extra calories by heavy workouts ,may be in a gym. you have to do both,exercises and diet..for faster results, but atleast you have to do either of these.

you cant skip exercises and keep continue eating fattening things.

another simple change,that may help you is…
whatever you eat, eat at 2 hourly divided intervals.
that may help

Dr. B. Lewis
1:45 pm

There is no magical pill or product. Eat small quantities of wholesome foods 5 times per day.
Avoid sugar altogether. Reduce wheat products. Your body has a “natural” weight – also referred to as “healthy” weight. Trying to go below that will result in yo-yo dieting, bad health and a lifetime of disappointment.

7:59 am

its the natural weight and body structure that you have got due to your genetic composition. you cannot make much changes to that. if you try doing, then you will end up with general weakness and other complaints.
achieve a balance between diet and health