Question: I ate rotten tomato – small white worms now inside me – how to get them out?

Doctor, I have eaten raw tomato. After almost at end I realized that there were white small worms on the seeds and inside the tomato. I don’t know whether those white worms went inside my stomach? Those were larvae . what to do to get them out of my stomach now? Are they dangerous? What should I do to get them out from my stomach? Is there any risk? Can it be out naturally of do I have to consult doctor? What are the chances of its multiplication/enhancement ? What should I eat or avoid eating till they are out of stomach? How will I know if they are out? Pls Pls guide me, I am too tensed about it.

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Ayman Darrag
8:08 am

The real concern is not the worms .. because the worms living into the vegetable is weak enough to be digested with the strong acid in your stomach as a protein… but the concern is the rotten tomato itself … that may be harmful for you…
if you are having any diarrhea or abdominal pain recently then you have to take a medication like metronidazole … flagyl, 500 Mg twice daily for five days under medical supervision(due to its side effects on the health of some people)…
Drink plenty of water and avoid dehydration….

9:05 am

hi there..
dont be so tensed. nothing dangerous will happen.

our gastric acid juice in stomach, will kill almost 90 % of those.
take a deworming medicine like albendazole at night and then repeat it in the next week, to kill any larvae or eggs.
this will flush out almost every worm.
drink plenty of water

Dr. B. Lewis
1:53 pm

Your stomach is a pretty harsh place for those white worms to survive in. The gastric acid and hydrochloric acid in your stomach will destroy pretty much anything. White worms will be gone in no time.

10:02 pm

How about if u can vomit all that stuff out. Possible if u didn’t had a heavy deit.
There is a Process in Ayurveda known as known as “Kujar kriya” Which u can do if u r panicking to’s very simple & effective.
Additionally u can do kapalbhati, this yogic process will burn all the worms plus fats & will keep all stomach & abdominal diseases at bay.