I almost passed out three times, diagnosed with acute bronchitis need second opinion?

In the last two weeks, I almost passed out three times. It starts with the feeling of blacking out and a sharp pain in the head. Other symptoms are nausea and vomiting, excessive sweating, shortness of breath and numbing/tingling feeling in my legs, hips and lips which causes me to lose balance while standing up and /or walking. These symptoms occur from one second (feeling completely healthy) to another and last a couple of hours. It last happened four days ago and since then the headache and numb legs have not gone away. I’ve been resting in bed all day and any physical activity causes me to lose my breath and makes it hard to breathe. Since I didn’t see any improvement, I went to see a doctor earlier today. He diagnosed me with acute bronchitis and gave me a shot and some antibiotics. However, I would like to get a second opinion, since it’s been ten hours and I feel worse. Also I have never been coughing and also don’t have a fever. I am female, in my late twenties and in good health.


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Ahmed Fawzy
11:50 am

Are you under any stress lately? What your describing can be explained as panic attack or sever anxiety
If you believe this is not the case then you should see a cardiologist
Good Luck