I am a 20 male and I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, am I taking the wrong Meds?

I am a 20 male Been diagnosed with depression and anxiety
Originally prescribed 10mg citalopram and 10mg propranolol
Doctor now changed my prescription to sertraline 50mg and propranolol 80mg extended release
I went back to say these arnt effective and now he has changed my script to sertraline 100mg but these are helping slightly however I still think I’m on the wrong medication as I feel I have bipolar –

I get really depressed which the antidepressant have heped with big style, however I get periods of highs where I get dizzy feel on edge feel sweaty I usually just eat something and wait for it too pass but it can last hours, I feel I could have bipolar and am taking the wrong Meds could I be right?

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:43 pm

You are on the right meds except for the propranolol dose which may need to be readjusted, you are experiencing side effects of propranolol mainly , also the medication choice is not typical to anxiety patients (unless you get lots of panic attacks then your doctor made the right choice)
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
10:03 am

U have done thyroid profile?+

Medical therapy is not going to be useful alone
Are u taking any psychological therapy ??
Can I describe your symptoms more in order to help you

Dr.Honey Arora
11:04 am

Sertraline is appropriate for anxiety and depression however Propranolol might be eeded to be titrated..
If you doubt bipolar, then first of all you need to get it evaluated by a Neurophysician or a Psychologist and then only medication can be changed accordingly..

Hope this helps..