I have a 9 year old daughter who suffered some sort of seizure yesterday?

Hi I have a 9 year old daughter who suffered some sort of seizure yesterday. We were sitting down when I realised that she was hitting her chest and was really pale. When I asked her what was wrong she wouldnt respond. She stopped hitting her chest but for the next ten minutes she seemed that she was detached from reality. She
was looking through me, would not respond to any questions, as I put oxygen mask to her mouth she started talking and answering my questions. On the way to hospital she felt so tired and wanted to fall asleep and complained about a head ache. Doctors checked her sugar levels, urine and blood and everything was normal. She did vomit once while at hospital. We took her home and she had head ache for the rest of the night. Next morning everything went back to normal. Doctors could not tell us what was wrong. Any help from you would be more than welcome.

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Ahmed Fawzy
12:06 am

I recommend doing spirometry , methacholine challenge test and a chest x ray, this seems like an asthma episode not a seizure
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
10:07 am

If another attack happened , EEg must be done

It never happened to her before right?
Was there any stimulus fear , hit by something, anything ??

Her school achievement is okay or not??

The headache is mostly due to the oxygen decrease

It could breath holding attack the pallid type

Dr.Honey Arora
11:10 am

Thanks for the query.

Well, you should take the symptoms seriously and consult a Neurophysician and get her evaluated and an MRI Scan can help in diagnosis and then only appropriate treatment can be done..
But it needed to be taken into consideration..

Hope this helps..

Ayman Darrag
7:05 pm

This is not to be neglected, a brain mri and eeg are strongly recommend..