I am a 26 year old married female and i am trying to conceive a baby since 2 years now but failed, need advice?

I am a 26 year old married female and i am trying to conceive a baby since 2 years now but failed. the doctor prescribed me a fertility window blood test. i had irregular periods problem for 3 months in the start of this year. now i am menstruating normally but my period is a little scanty towards the end. I received the fertility window tests whose values are as follows:
1. PROLACTIN: 857.51 mIU/L (reference range specified: non pregnant females: 110.2-569.4)
2. TSH: 0.89 µIU/mL (reference range: 0.35-494 µIU/mL)
3. LH: 1.65 mIU/mL (reference range: 2.39-6.60 mIU/mL
4. Progesterone: 0.3 ng/mL (reference range: <0.1-0.3 ng/mL) 5. FSH: 3.27 mIU/mL (reference range: 3.03-8.08 mIU/mL FORMER MEDICATION: i had been taking Promulut N and Progyluton to regulate my menstruation cycle as well. now currently i am not taking any dosage. Please tell me what medicines should i take???
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Ahmed Fawzy
6:23 am

Your tests are normal regarding it is done second day after menstrual cycle , in my opinion no need for medication , another opinion by many doctors could be the need to take adrenal and thyroid , but personally i do not see a need
Redo your lh at your 14th day after the start of your period , let me know the value

Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
6:49 am

Ma ‘ am
Your prolactin level is high.. may be this is the cause, take antiprolactin drugs like dostinex.. would be helpful,

And you need to do follicular US to check your ova as well

Make your husband do semen analysis as well to make sure that he is not a contributing factor

8:34 am

the above reports suggest significant variations in normal levels.
it is unsafe to take medicines blindly.
you should consult your gynecologist and start on fertility tablets.
ivf is also a better option.

Ayman Darrag
3:08 pm

Excess prolactin makes your oestrogen ineffective and can cause menopause symptoms if not treated.
So we need to find the cause of high prolavtin first by doing a brain MRI to rule out pituitary tumor..and ovarian ultrasound for a PCOS possibility.
If you got your prolactin level to normal your body can get pregnancy..
Most commonly used drugs in that area is carbergoline and bromocryptine..but your gynaecologist should prescribe them to lower your ptolavtin level.
Also I recommend cupping therapy for fertility points as it helps adjust hormonal levels and it us a natural remedy..