Damaged my knee, what are available treatment options & recovery time required?

I am a 26 yrs old Male, felt from the scooter on the knee with huge weight of the scooter along with one guy sitting in back…..Now, 23 days have been passed I am on cylinder cast. DOctor told to get the MRI done. Report is attached for your reference. Can you please help me in getting the available treatment options & recovery time required


PROTOCOLS : Sagittal  :  PD & TSE-T2W pulse sequences. Coronal :  T1WSE & STIR pulse sequences. Axial : TSET2W pulse sequence.

ACL is edematous and its course is replaced by illdefined hyperintensities. Intercondylar soft tissue edema noted. PCL shows buckling but normal in attachments. Anterior tibial translation noted.
Collateral ligaments are normal.
Tibio-femoral joint spaces are maintained with intact articular cartilages.
Fluid is seen in supra-patellar bursa extending to the knee joint recesses. Patellar and quadriceps tendon are normal.
Horizontal grade III signal noted in posterior horn and body of medial meniscus. Anterior horn is normal. Lateral meniscus is normal.
Visualized bones show contusion.Changes of synovitis seen.
Visualized muscles are normal in bulk and signal intensity.
Impression: MR imaging reveals joint effusion with :
* complete ACL tear.Changes of synovitis 
* Horizontal tear of posterior horn and body of medial meniscus.

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:34 am

In my opinion only possible treatment is ACL reconstruction surgery , ask your doctor not to remove medial meniscus posterior horn if possible (if he can just re attachment ) However if when you walk you do not feel that your knee is giving out ( feeling like knee is unstable ) then you may not need a surgery Regardless of the surgery you need to start physical therapy if your doing the surgery or not If you do the surgery you will need physical therapy for at least 6 weeks ( before you can go back to normal daily… Read more »

Masr Fawzy
6:55 am

I am afraid you may need surgical intervention,
To repair the tear

Seek the advice pf physiotherapist

8:37 am

ACL and meniscus are two important ligaments inside the knee joint.
ACL is completely torn.SURGERY (arthoscopic ACL reconstruction) is the best and only option.
No role of conservative treatment.
Through the same procedure,meniscus can be repaired.

Ayman Darrag
10:45 am

In my opinion it is better to stick to physiotherapy program for 12-15 weeks.before going for a surgery .
Specially if you are not athlete
Focus on strengthening quadriceps and hamstring muscles..
Using kinesiotaping can help controlling the instability of the joint after cast removal .