Pain in testicles, lower abdomen, rectum, is it fatty liver?

pain in testicles. pain in lower abdomen. some pain in rectum. loss of sensation during sex. some urgency during urination. ongoing problem for two or more years. went to urologist and he had me on ciprofloxacin for three months. seemed to help a little bit. had ultrasounds of testicles and liver. the doctor did say i might have a fatty liver problem. no signs of testicular cancer or prostate cancer. could it be cancer somewhere else in my body? PLEASE HELP. i only have crappy state provided insurance and i have a hard time even finding a urologist near me that will take my insurance.

age 32 years
height 5′ 8″
weight 185

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Ayman Darrag
7:45 pm

In my opinion you are not having cancer at could be suffering prostatitis,or testicular inflammation.
See an andrologist.
Fatty liver is another issue that needs a healthy diet to lose extra fat and weight.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:46 pm

I do not see why you are suspecting cancer , any way i recommend you do lower lumber/sacral MRI to check your sacral nerve roots

Losing trunk fats and regular aerobic exercise can help

Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
6:00 am

Its either a problem in the scrotum , hydrocele, varicocele which will need you to do examination and US upto MRI to the pelvic region . or spastic pelvic floor disorder and pudendal neuralgia, that will need physiotherapy

1:48 pm

fatty liver has nothing to do with these complaints.
neither is this a cancer.
epididymitis associated with or without orchitis may be the cause.
consult a general surgeon.
kidney infection also may be a possibility.
get kidney function tests and retrograde ureteroscopy done.