I am having frequent left chest pain – echo,stress test,ECG all normal?

I am having frequent left chest pain Jst like a finger pushing through which lasts for a second or 2 seconds these are from 2 months recently my arm is also having pain ..I met cardiologists they took my echo,stress test,ECG which all came normal ….BT all my ecgs are saying slight ST elevation (V4) BT doctors said that is normal cause all ecgs are having same reading ..Is this right ?? I am 21 years male

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Ahmed Fawzy
3:42 pm

V4 slight elevation(right ventricle and atrium) can be due to partial sodium Channels block causing early repolarization or partial right branch block due to coronary artery stenosis, it is usually not important but if you are concerned then I recommend checking sodium , potassium and calcium levels, also an angiogram is helpful if you have risk factors for stenosis, like weight, smoking or even stress
Good Luck

3:45 pm

only st elevation in lead V4 does not signify heart disease as it can be found even in normal individuals.
this pain may be muscular or anxiety related.
stress management,yoga and meditation will help.
deep breathing exercises will have a positive effect

Dr.Honey Arora
5:14 pm

Thanks for the query .

Well, slight ST elevation in individual lead V4 is not a confirmation of some serious cardiac issue.
So do not worry about it..


Ayman Darrag
5:55 pm

This finding may be either due to coronary artery stenosis which I think not possible in your case,or Benign Early Repolarization,as a normal finding in young healthy people,if you are high in cholestrol or sodium then you can get lipid profile,sodium and potassium tests done otherwise it could be musculoskeletal pain …