I felt like electric shock like feeling which became sharp on my left chest?

I was having mild chest pains..So thought of taking some rest would relief that pain so I went to sleep..I was in a dream but suddenly I felt like electric shock like feeling which became sharp on my left chest like shooting pain and slowly relieved after few seconds what could that be?? Is that a heart attack ?? That happened Nly once ..I had my ecgs,2D echo scanning,stress test which all came out as normal ..Just a slight ST elevation (V4) in ECG where doctors said that it’s normal for young age

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Ayman Darrag
3:42 pm

There is no need to worry in my opinion , elevated st segment is normal finding in young healthy people,this could be anxeity or stress ,check your cholesterol level..

Dr.Honey Arora
6:11 pm

Thanks for the query..

Well, in case if all the investigations like echo, stress test etc are normal then you need not to worry about heart attack..
Secondly heart attack commonly represent severe pressure, compression like pain on chest..
Slight elevation of ST in V4 is commonly seen in young individuals..
So that’s not an issue..
Other causes of such symptoms can be nerve related pain, musculoskeletal pain etc..

In case if there is repeated episodes of same symptoms consult a Medicine specialist and get evaluated..

Hope this information helps..


Ahmed Fawzy
7:05 pm

This shock you felt is due to thoracic nerve discharge, not related to v4 st elevation
Just ignore it, nothing to worry about

2:18 am

this can be due to pleuritis or a pinched nerve in the neck due to an early slipped disc.
get a cervical spine Xray / MRI done.
consult an orthopedist.