I am having problems with heartburn, how can I make it stop?

My name is (…) 43 years old. Male. Living in (…) I am slightly obese and had a H. pylori Infection 4 years back with a new Streptococcus infection 30 days ago. Treated by antibiotics. My blood work is pretty good except for the blood work I have had done recently which shows that my cholesterol is at 5.6 and bilirubin levels up. My specialist doctor says I may be susceptible to Gilbert’s syndrome. I am a very very big eater and usually have minor constipation and slight problems digesting with heartburn and bloating issues. What can I do to make this stop? Are these problems interrelated?


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Dr. Javez Ernesto
12:08 pm

The symptoms described in the question/post indicating you suffer pain, excessive burping, heartburn as well as constipation seem to indicate Irritable Bowel Syndrome also know as IBS. All the symptoms point to IBS and are caused by IBS. Here are some actions generally used and recommended to help alleviate IBS. Laxatives can be used to clear your bowel. After an initial treatment, a lesser more gentle maintenance treatment using laxatives again c an be used to help maintain your bowel cleared. Of course, maintaining a healthy diet is important. especially for those who suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome): 1.… Read more »

Dr.Honey Arora
8:19 am

You should first of all make your bowels regular..
Start taking a high fibre diet, eat plenty of green vegetables, salads and also drink plenty of water..
Warm water and fenugreek seeds powder taken at night before sleep can help a lot..
Avoid large meals and do not stay sedantry..
Walk daily for 45 minutes and do moderate workout,,
Much of your problems will start getting better with this..
Also take a mild laxative ti make your bowels regular but do not get addicted to it..
Eat plenty of probiotics like Yogurt and garlic..

Hope this helps..

7:49 pm

i think it just acid reflux. So reduce stress will help ease the symptom