I suffer from a Vocal Cord Dysfunction, my vocal cords constrict…can’t breath?

I am a 39 yr old male, and I have a question about Vocal Cord Dysfunction, that I suspect I may be suffering from.
I have read that the standard discription of VCD is that when you have a bout of it, you can’t breath for up to half a minute.
My problem is that every once in a while my vocal cords constrict, upon inhaling, but only for about half a second. Can this also be a symptom of Vocal Cord Dysfunction? My throat usually gets tight just before, and suddenly my throat (vocal cords) close up for a short moment. I can there after breath normally. It isn’t something that scares me, but it’s very irritating and frustrating not knowing what it is and what causes it. Thank you! God bless!


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Dr Mahaveer
Dr Mahaveer

u are right, its a vocal cord issue. get a live bronchoscopy done from a ent specialist

Dr. I. Reeves
Dr. I. Reeves

Typical of VCD