I am suffering from hypertension, hyperkalemia , diabetes, need second doctor opinion?

I am 29yr old Male, Suffering with hypertension(170/120), hyperkalemia (6.1), diabetes(7.9% Blood Sugar) ,cholesterol, elevated bilirubin and unjaculated bilirubin and with High RBC and Low MCH, MCV Values. My Doctors are saying I m completely fine and just use Medicines for few days. I just want to confirm whether these complications are safe or I m in danger position.Also Having breathing issues while talking

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Dr.Honey Arora
5:01 am

Can you please tell that you are diagnosed with Diabetes recently or is it since childhood?
If you have breathing issues and also high blood pressure then are you checked for any Cardiac problems?
Also kidney function tests should be done..


Ahmed Fawzy
8:15 am

My opinion you need a urine analysis, GFR and liver profile
I do not think your okay
The cause for your problems can be liver problems + chronic renal failure
Do you have pain urinating?
I will wait for your reply regarding those test results
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
8:32 am

I need to know your weight and height?
cholesterol level, and have you done kidney function tests?