I am suffering with low back pain since last three years, following doctor advice, but no development?

I am 31 years single living female. I am suffering with low back pain since last three years .if I stand or doing any thing for 15 minutes then I am unable to bend my waist .since three year I am not feeling well even though I am using prescribe pain killer and taking rest.now I am feeling maximum time the circulation of blood in my hand and leg became jam and feeling loss of sensation.feeling dazzyness and sleeps deeply.
I am suffering with synose problem.my B.P is normal CBC is okay thyroid nil sugar normal.
I have been using painkillers and vitamin s and taking rest as per advice of doctors.
Though I was used painkillers but I have no prescription as I am not using the medicines now due to non development in my conditions .

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Ayman Darrag
6:02 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
Your back pain is mostly due to lumbar spondylosis (arthritis) or just severe muscle spasm die to overuse of muscles ..an xray can reveal that and some stretching of your lower back muscles can help..
Are you overweight?
Do you eat fatty/high cholerstetol foods?

Nouran Maamdouh
8:27 am

Clearly chronic low back muscle spasm.
Try doing some exercises to strength your back and abs .
Stretch your muscles and you can try physical therapy modalities .
TENs and US can help you better than analgesics .

Ahmed Fawzy
8:37 pm

Could u tell me the peak of your pain
Is it in the morning or does it increase at night ?
Also do u have referred pain to your arms and legs and where exactly?