For 3 months now I have had severe nausea. Cant hold anything down?

32 yrs old female. Take bentyl zofran phenergean estradial omeprazole and cymbalta. For 3 months now i have had severe nausea. Cant hold anything down. Been throwing up dark string like stuff and dark brown thick mucous like stuff. Have diarrhea constantly. Have to urinate at least 50 times a day but most times it isnt much. Have severe sharp stabbing pain in lower left abdomen and dull achy pain in lower back on left side. Been to numeeous ers but have had drs lie straight to my face or just not tell me anything bc i dont have insurance. I have a history of acid reflux and colitis and uti and kidney stones. I have also had an ovarian tumor in same location as pain removed and then had a total hysterectomy bc of infections from original surgery and have had gallbladder removed. Have had one problem after another since!

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Ayman Darrag
6:08 am

Hi and welcome to question
You absolutely need some investigations done as these symptoms can not be neglected at all..
A peptic ulcer is of high possibility and a kidney stone or another UTI..
A gastric endoscopy and abdominal USG are necessary.
Treatment will be based on the findings ..please tell me the results so we can follow up the treatment.

Nouran Maamdouh
8:30 am

Your symptoms are likely IBS and GERD may be complicated with stomach ulcer.
An upper GI endoscopy can show it.
Avoid caffeinated beverages and other irritants .

Ahmed Fawzy
8:32 pm

Sounds like uterus or left ovarian tumer
Also your signs indicate liver problems probable due to all those medications
I recommend checking your liver enzymes first then doing a pit scan if liver is okay