I can’t fully turn head to left for about 4 years due to acute pain?

I am 22 years old, man.
I can’t fully turn head to left for about 4 years due to acute pain. Doctors say nothing because neck MRI is okay.
Place in pain showed on image (upper part). I can’t palpate anything on that area what could cause the pain. It also hurts in same place on full rotation to right, but lesser.
If I try to lay head on pillow, turn left and lift head, I will feel severe pain and tension like something heavy pushing my head down.
I tried muscle exercises as on image (lower part). But after one day of it I got severe neck muscle spasm.
I use orthopedic pillow. Tried MRI check. Did self-massage. All was no use.

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Ayman Darrag
1:19 pm

That could be zygapophysial apophyseal, joint blocking or arthritis, see a chiropractor who can help you with some manipulative techniques.

Ahmed Fawzy
5:13 pm

My opinion this is cervical facet syndrome , I hope you can upload your MRI to confirm, only other possibility is strain in levator scapula muscle, in both cases physical therapy can fix the problem, but the treatment plan for both cases is different, so a misdiagnoses can increase pain
Thank you

Dr.Honey Arora
8:54 am

Thanks for the query..

It looks like some nerve related problems..
A repeat MRI under supervision of a Neurologist should be done..

Please upload your MRI report here for further understanding of your problem..

Hope this helps..

Masr Fawzy
9:07 am

I recommend you to consult a physiotherapist .. it’s gonna be v useful as they are highly specialized in such complains. Also have you tried any medication before? Analgesics or anti inflammatory medications ???