I feel like a crash dummy….vomiting blood…had problem for 15 years?

What do I do? I feel like a crash dummy. I was admitted in the hospital last thanksgiving for 7 days because of vomiting blood. They did and endoscopy and found unknown but I know they sotterized it because of bleeding. I dont know my full medical record but have been dealing with these issues for almost 15 years. I had been told I have ulcers when I was 18 but when I was 21 they were gone. I have always dealt with heartburn/reflux. Used to use protonix but stopped as ulcers went away. I was just recently admitted in the hospital again due to the same thing, except now they still tell ulcers are gone and the endoscopy they did was clear, there was no issue but I am still vomiting, cant seem to hold much down other then apple juice, and all food is uneasy to digest. When I go #2 its like air and water. The whole that does come out is not much and it looks like stones. I haven’t touched it… yet but man I am worried. It hurts to go to the bathroom (#2). I have steady pressure on my stomach and the only way the pressure releases is to reflux. It sits there so long it makes me want to puke. WHAT TO DO I DO?????

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5:15 am

i understand your concern.
just looking for ulcers and reflux doesnt rule out other causes of vomitting blood. if this problem is going on for so many years,there definitely has to be a reason.
next thing that can be done is ,while doing an endocopy, a piece of oesophageal and gastric mucosa can be removed and sent for histopathology to see if anything is wrong at cellular level.
for other compalints you can take digestive fluids,pro and pre biotic tablets.