My muscles are very weak, cancer has been ruled out…I’m lost?

Hello,trying to find out why my muscles are very weak,cancer has been ruled out,had numerous blood tests bone marrow,full body scan,muscle biopsy,xrays,mri, igg count elevated very high, normal is 600 to 1200 I am over 2500,found high protein levels in my blood;but no cancer. Im lost,still very weak.

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Ayman Darrag
11:21 pm

increased blood protein levels is associated with specific diseases like Myeloma,M.S and chronic liver diseases.or simply with beginning inflammation
how long has your blood protein and IGg are high?
do you drink too much?have you checked for liver function test? how is it?
Had you an MRI for the spinal cord?

5:04 am

rased igG levels suggest you have an ongoing infection somewhere in your body. some infections are not detected by routine blood tests. but you seem to have undergone almost all non invasive tests and seen to be negative.
one test that can definitely confirm whats wrong is the muscle biopsy. histopathology of muscle will rule out any muscle specific pathology.