My mother’s left lung had collapsed but doctors don’t know why?

If your D-dimer is chronically high what does it mean mums had xrays scans no blood clots but she has had 3 episodes of not being able to get her breath she cant walk far without getting out of breath her left lung has collapsed at the bottom and they don’t know why she is 83 and had her left hip half replacement in june. They say they cant find anything wrong

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Ayman Darrag
11:30 pm

lung collapse or pnemothorax is usually caused by injury or rib fracture but with your Mum it would be of no cause due to aging or just secondary complication to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
My advice start teaching her breathing exercises to expand the lung
buy her a spirometer by which you can do biofeedback inspiration exercise to promote lung expansion..
a Physiotherapist may help her walk better and breath better…

5:01 am

if D dimer is chronically high, it means clotting mechanism is defective and may affect the pulmonary venous circulation. this may well be the cause of her lung collapse. bronchectesis and consolidation are also known causes of lung collapse and is quite common at her age.
get her HRCT CHEST and spirometry done. a detailed blood profile may help to see any other associated pathologist. consult a chest pulmonologist.