I have a pacemaker, now get a light and floating feeling in my heart?

My background: 7 years ago I found out that when I pass out my heart completely stops, so I was fitted with a pacemaker. Since it was fitted I sometimes get a strong fluttering feeling in my heart, which I’ve had checked out and is nothing to worry about. However, in the last few weeks I’ve been getting a different sort of feeling in my heart. It’s very hard to describe, but I guess it feels like my heart’s very light and floating. It only lasts for 1 heart beat or so though. It’s been happening quite often in the last few weeks. Any ideas please? Thank you.

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4:56 am

this can happen with any vriations in the rhythm of the pacemaker or it may be due to anxiety.
you should consult your cardiologist and get the pacemaker checked. get an electrocardiogram and 2-D echo done to see if everything is alright. if all reports are normal,then its just anxiety. nothing to worry about.