I’ve had a metal rod in my arm for 10 years, now I want it removed?

Hello. If any doctor is willing to help me with answering this question, I would be really happy. So back when I was 7 years old,like a month before turning 8, I broke my left arm,right before the elbow, the incision is like 6 cm long, for which I had undergone a surgery for and a metal rod was put there to hold the bone in place. The thing is that I had to go 2 years later and get the rod removed, which I didn’t cause at the time I was really scared that they would need to amputate my arm , I know pretty funny, but I was playing violent games from an early age. Years passed and I didn’t really mind the metal rod, didn’t feel it or anything. Starting 18 I started having some minor pain there after I ve forced myself with some weights,push ups and things such as that. Now I’m 19 and I really want to go get it removed, since I am still feeling some minor pain and I cant force myself with weights or sports too much anymore and I also started having nightmares about it. What I would like to know is if it is still possible, if it is done quickly under local anesthesia or general anesthesia,a little bit harder and how long it would take to heal. Appreciate the help.

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Ayman Darrag
11:39 pm

Hi basically it is not a problem at all having that rod in your arm for life time unless it starts to cause problems…since you are athlete and want to carry weights and so on.. so you have to start wuth a normal xray to see the cause of the pain in your arm now… however, if the bones are good , not malunioned or it has no new injury.you can safely get them removed under general anesthesia and it will not take much time to get back to normal activity… no more than 21 to 30 days i guess…… Read more »

4:53 am

its never too late to remove any implant in your body.I myself being an orthopaedic surgeon,have removed rods those were 15-20 years old. you are too young to keep the rod inside your arm for another 50-60 years or so. it would have been better if it was removed within 2 years of inserting it.
its pretty difficult to remove it after 10 years, but definitely not impossible.
you wont need to get amputed ,dont worry.
once the rod is removed, you will be fit within 3- 4 weeks time.