I fell down and I think I may have a broken nose?

Hello Doctor.

While crossing the street, I tripped on the sidewalk and fell down. I fell on my face. All is ok except for my nose. There is a bit of swelling so I believe I may have a broken nose. My question is the following: Should I wait for the swelling to subside to see if my nose is broken or should I get an x-ray of my nose right away.


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Domina Zluf
11:25 pm

Thanks for your question. You need x-rays only if there there is a worry about there being a fracture other than the nasal bones (example: the orbits, mandible, maxilla,) if this is the case a maxillofacial CT scan is better. However it is important to have an x-ray in order to confirm there is no septal hematoma. Your doctor should be capable to look up your nose and establish if there is septal hematoma or not. Of course, if you wait for the swelling to disappear and you see your nose is crooked then you know it was broken and… Read more »

6:10 am

I think,if the nose is swollen,you should not wait.
Get Xray of the nasal bone right away.
Consult a otorhinologist.