I get ear nose and throat problems once a month, what can it be?

Hi I get ear nose and throat problems once a month I start with ear and throat pain and then I feel like I have trapped liquid and get itchiness and at the same time I get nasal congestion and watery nose after a few days with those symptom I get sore swollen bright red tonsils with white sores and tonsil stones Im so confused and I dont know what it can be since I have so many symptoms at once and it has been going on for about 6 months

Age: 24
Medications: N/A

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:06 pm

This is tonsillitis , I recommend consulting a doctor regarding surgical removal , other options may be pencilin but you still need to consult a doctor
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
6:15 pm

The recurrent tonsillitis and ent infection needs penicillin treatment and if they return many times then you have to remove them surgically..
Improve your immunity and try salt water gargle .get vitamin c .