I got an MRI, does this scan look normal?

I got an MRI this morning and am unable to see my doctor for a month. I was wondering is anything stood out. I notice there is something odd on the right side of my wrist… so my question is does this scan look normal? I have had pain on the ulnar side if my right wrist for quite some time. Pain is induced by using the end for more than a few seconds. I have an electric wave feeling that shoots from my wrist up my forearm and sometimes find my pinky and ring finger to be tingly.

Age; 20
Medications: None

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Ahmed Fawzy
12:25 am

My opinion You have Pisotriquetral arthritis it cause ulnar nerve pain , I need to see an MRI from sagittal veiw to confirm
treatment can be either cortisone injection (which I do not recommend as first choice) or you can do physical therapy with should fix the problem in 1 month
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
6:54 am

This is mostly a guyon’s canal stenosis, but a sagittal view is needed to help you with true diagnosis and treatment.
Please upload the sagittal view.

Dr.Honey Arora
8:01 am

Look like Guyon’s Canal Syndrome..
Guyon’s Canal Syndrome is a common nerve compression affecting the ulnar nerve as it passes through a tunnel in the wrist called Guyon’s canal.
Do you have symptoms like numbness in little fingers other than pain?
-A feeling of pins and needles?
Please upload a sagittal view for better under standing and answer the following question..