My gums are swollen all over my mouth, is it the flu or a bug?

Ok so I am in pretty good health from what I know and I have felt absolutely normal until this last Monday morning I wake up my gums not just in a few places they are swollen all over my mouth, I had oral thrush on my tongue, on that day I had 1 sore middle bottom lip small but painful today is Wednesday 2 days later I have 2 sores on my tongue and 1 inside my upper lip and 2 inside my lower lip. On top of just that. Monday even until today I have been dizzy, minor headache, lots of stomach pain but randomly, have a hard time eating when I do it causes my stomach pain I have had maybe 10-12 bites of food in the last 4 days. Yesterday I was throwing up for about 8 hours I hadn’t eaten much food but the color every time was dark brown like beef broth only a little darker and had a weird medicine type taste not like when I’ve ever thrown up in the past and I hadn’t taken any medicine or anything at that point. My temperature has been a steady 100 degrees Fahrenheit since Monday morning at 5:00am. Whole body has been weak and muscle soreness since Monday. Yesterday on Tuesday after I finally stopped throwing up my lower abdomen and my groin were in major pain so much so that I couldn’t get much needed sleep. It wasn’t until last night that it went away and I slept almost the whole night. I did have a root canal 2 years ago and only got as far as the temporary filling after and couldn’t afford the replacement tooth that area doesn’t look very good but I can’t imagine this many symptoms happening literally overnight. Had none of it Sunday night woke up Monday like I was attacked by the plague or poisoned something crazy. Please help I don’t know if this is like a flu or a bug or it will go away I feel better today than the last 2 days but still not better at all and more sores keep appearing in my mouth in random places for no reason.

Medications: None

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Ahmed Fawzy
12:11 am

My opinion this is either Streptococcus, Actinomyces (Actinomycosis) or coxsackievirus
If it is coxsackievirus you only need Tylenol + taking lots of fluid
If it is Streptococcus, Actinomyces you will need to do a bacterial culture to confirm then take the suitable antibiotics with large doses
So first step now will be doing the bacterial culture
Notice that if you decide to take Tylenol until blood culture results comes out, make sure you stop it 8 hours before you know the result as it will interact with antibiotics used to treat Actinomycosis
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
3:34 pm

Most probably you have caught a viral or bacterial infection,
Have you been recently sexually active with differnt partner?

Dr.Honey Arora
8:06 am

Hi.. Sorry to hear about your problem.. It looks like viral infection as the symptoms you have mentioned can be commonly seen during viral infection.. So first of all you should consult an Emergency room and get evaluated and a CBC and blood culture should be done along with an Oral SWAB culture for better diagnosis.. For now you can take Acetaminophen for reducing temperature and pain.. Start gargling with numbing mouthwash with antifungal composition like Magic mouthwash for relief.. You should do warm saline gargles.. Suck Clotrimazole lozenges to clear thrush.. You should take soft meals and plenty of… Read more »