I got an MRI done on my lower back last week and am looking for some help in understanding the report?

Hi, I got an MRI done on my lower back last week and am looking for some help in understanding the report. For some background information, about 6 years ago I got a compression fracture in my L1 vertabrae and my chiropractor, who’d found it, essentially told me with certain exercises and chiropractic care it could be treated. Now for approximately the past year or two, my lower back pain has become chronic, leaving me with a constant mild-moderate pain level, only relief when I lay down, ice/heat. Ibuprofen no longer helps. Pain medications prescribed have only made me sick/tired. I know my compression fracture has since worsened however I don’t fully understand the rest of the results. The report reads: “MRI- MRI LUMBAR SPINE WITHOUT CONTRAST PERFORMED BY ADVANCED RADIOLOGY DATED 10.26.17 – IMPRESSION: Anterior wedge deformities of upper and lower endplates of L1 vertebral body. Associated reactive marrow changes are noted, with mild endplate spur. Relatively modest disc bulges, apart from L4-5, where a right paramedian herniation abuts the foraminal recess portion right L5 nerve root. L5-S1 bulge and facet changes produce relatively pronounced bilateral L5 foraminal stenoses, right greater than left.”

Medications: Ibuprofen

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Ahmed Fawzy
12:38 am

Your MRi report means you have a disc that is causing burning sensation on your right calf , anterior wedge fracture is mainly treated by rest, physical therapy can be kept simple with no exercise, for now you need to wear a back brace
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
12:59 pm

Anterior wedge deformity is due to vertebral fractures, while there is also stenosis of the foramina from which the nerve passes that leads to nerve compression and the symptoms of pain and burning..
You should first of all consult a Spine specialist and get a thorough examination done..

Hope this helps..


Ayman Darrag
9:45 pm

The report notes that you had a wedge fracture and spinal canal stenosis due to lumbar disc bulge that caused your leg pain,the problem in your case is that the treatment physiotherapy program for your case is that the disc usually treated by extension program,while the wedge fracture by extension program, so a good physiotherapist must do a selective program that suits your case.