I had a seizure two days in a row, I am prescribed Xanex?

Ok I’ve been prescribed xanex for a few months now and when I ran out I had a seizure two days in a row. Now I haven’t touched them in over a week, I think my body has completely detoxed from the medication. However, I have severe anxiety and am able to refill my script, if I take them every 3 days rather than every day do you think I’ll protect myself from having to deal with seizures or withdrawal from it again? Please help!

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Can you please tell that you used to get seizure previously too or it happened for the first time after quitting Xanax?
Did you stop taking Xanax for the very first time since you started taking it?

Anxiety is due to stopping Xanax.

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Dr Ahmed Fawzy
Dr Ahmed Fawzy

seizure can occur after long term use of xanax
Xanax detox takes weeks so I recommend reducing dose to half only
Good Luck