I got spinal meningitis which affected my legs and hands with a lot of Edema to where I could not even walk?

Hi my name is (…) and one year ago I got spinal meningitis which affected my legs and hands with a lot of Edema to where I could not even walk it wood edema has gone down but my feet are still numb and swollen feeling and my hands my question is that I have a swollen area in my tailbone area that if I sit wrong on it it makes my feet more numb and the numbness and pain generate up my legs and I’m taking Lasix 20 milligrams a day for over a year now can the Lasix be causing me more problems then helping it feels like my arms and legs are more swollen , when I first came home from the hospital the edema was so bad that it started leaking out of my pores in my feet and legs and I was unable to walk I could not bend my ankles or knees now I can walk with forearm crutches but the problem still exists in the numbness and swelling

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5:02 am

i do not think that lasix is causing you any problem.
the real cause is sympathetic affection caused as a complication of the spinal meningitis.
Taking pregabalin/methycobalamin tablets will be helpful.
get serum electrolytes checked.

Ahmed Fawzy
5:54 am

Lasix can help reduce edema, but not a permanent solution, you need physical therapy and muscle strengthening to regain your muscle tone and get ride of edema permanently
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
7:44 am

Actually spinal meningitis itself us not a cause of swelling but it complicated to kidney problems,and the swelling is mostly due to kidney disorder that needs a treatment,you should get kidney function tests done and follow up with a urology specialist as lasix is just symptomatic treatment ..it helps but not permanently..

Feel better soon

Masr Fawzy
5:13 pm

I need to do full lab tests, CBC, RFT, LFT, u need also to do ECG And echo, serum electrolytes, random blood sugar
Lasix can worsen the condition if it kidneys r not working well